How to throw the Fedor Punch AKA Sambo’s “casting” punch


The Fight Nerd heads to NY Combat Sambo to breakdown and demonstrate how to throw a sambo style “casting punch”, which is most notably used by Fedor Emelianeko. Ever noticed how his punches might look “sloppy” or “loopy”? Here is why it looks that way to the untrained eye and how you can add this technique to your arsenal!

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  1. vinbe says:

    Where does the power come from, I can see the body give some power, but it looks more like a slap than a punch.. the shoulder is not pushing the punch, the body flings it around, so where does the drive come from?

  2. Rowe says:

    The power of the punch comes from a hip torque and centrifugal force. It is also important that you don’t tense your muscles until the VERY LAST moment.

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