Bob Sapp Starts Video Contest to Work his Corner at CFC 21


MMA heavyweight and famous off-kilter personality Bob Sapp may have undertaken his strangest publicity stunt to date, today, as he kicked off a youtube video contest with the prize of working his corner at Australian MMA event CFC 21. Each contestant will have 30 seconds to say why they are a fan or detractor of The Beast, with the winner receiving a round-trip ticket to Australia, $300 spending cash and, of course, a pass to walk out with Bob Sapp and watch the fight from his corner.

Sapp has always been kayfabe in a way that lets the audience in on the joke. A grass roots video contest like this not only works as a great marketing tool for a lesser-known show but it also feels natural, like Sapp is just being a whole lot of Sapp.

The Australian MMA event will headline a welterweight title tilt between Jesse Juarez and Robert Whittaker. Sapp will be facing off against Soa “The Hulk” Palelei in the main card.

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