Bellator FC 48 – Live Results & Commentary

August 20, 2011 0

Good evening fight fans! We will be live for Bellator’s 48th show, the Bellator “Summer Series” Finale at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut on August 20. We will be bringing you play-by-play results via blog commentary covering all the action on this talent-stacked card live from press row just a few yards away from the cage. The main event will Be the “Summer Series” featherweight tournament final fight between Marlon Sandro vs Pat Curran for a shot at the Bellator 145 lb. strap. Also on the card is a feature bout between UFC veterans Ricco Rodriguez and Seth Petruzelli, Heavyweight Champ Cole Konrad taking on “The Headhunter” Paul Buentello in a non-title fight and in the Lightweight division, Juan Barrantes takes on unbeaten Rene Nazare, among other local bouts.

The commentary starts here at 7 PM, and keep refreshing for all of the results and play-by-play!

Featherweight Local Feature Fight: Saul Almeida (146 lbs.) vs. Tateki Matsuda (145.25 lbs.)

Round 1:Both men come out swinging, great exchanges, Almeida looks to press the cage work after a stalled attempt. Matsuda breaks free and starts slugging, landing and forcing another stalled TD attempt, scramble and Almeida ends up in side cntrl. Mats turtles and defends,scramble, Almedeida takes back and looks to kimurs as the round ends

Round 2: Almeida comes out with a flying knee attempt and almost eats a haymaker. Both men firing hands and feet, Almeida scores a nice single leg TD. after a brief scramble Almeida ends up on back and Mats scrambles to standing. Almeida shots a single and ends up on back again Matsuda defends nicely. Lot of ground work from both fighters, Almeida looks to have the RNC and the round ends here. tons of action

Round 3: Fighters tap gloves and get right into it as Almeida looks to get it right back to the canvas, scores the TD and goes to work. Works a constant GnP as Matsuda tries to defend utilizing a butterfly guard, Almeida keeps the pressure on heavy. A lot of back and forth and Almeida ends up on back with hooks, swings to halh guard and starts working the kimura. Matsuda stands up and Almeida rips him down. Matsuda reverses and starts to land heavy, Almeida escapes and the round ends. Leaning towrd Almeida

Winner Via UD Almeida

Welterweight Local Feature Fight: Brett Oteri (170 lbs.) vs. Ryan Quinn (170 lbs.)

Round 1:Oteri Lands, Quinn scores a TD, big scramble and Quinn ends up on Oteris back with a deep RNC. Oteri refuses to tap and Quinn puts him to sleep.

Quinn rd 1 RNC 1:49

Lightweight Local Feature Fight: Andrew Calandrelli (155.5 lbs.) vs. Matt Nice (155.5 lbs.)

Round 1:Fighter tap gloves, feeling each other out, jabs exchange, and the fighters start to open up. Both men landing heavy shots. Nice lands and Andrew body locks scores a TD but and sinks a deep Americana and forces Nice to Tap

Calandrelli 3:55 Rd1

Light Heavyweight Local Feature Fight: Nik Fekete (205 lbs.) vs. Mark Griffin (205 lbs.)

Round 1:Fighters feeling each other out, Griffin unloads a combo and Fekete scores a TD, pressing the front head lock but Griffin uses cage work to stand and seperate.circling, working stand up Fekete shoots and Griffin stuffs it gets pressed on the cage and pulled down again using t cage to stand. Fekete body locks and and lands on top stands and starts to land heavy bombs. Takes side control , Griffin recovers guard , Fekete stands tries to land but ends up back in guard as the round ends.

Round 2:Griffin comes out swinging and Fekete answers, trading shots, Fekete locks up and slips to back forcing Griffin down as Griffin defends and tries to stand getting pulled down into the cage in side control and Fikete starts in big GnP, elbows to face and the ref jumps into stop it.

Fikete wins Vis TKO 3:12 Rd2

Middleweight Local Feature Fight: Dan Cramer (205 lbs.) vs. Jeff Nader (204 lbs.)

Round 1:Fighters come out and lock up to work knees, Nader pulls guard and get hammered for it. Cramer landing elbows and hammer fists. Continues to GnP. Nader covering up, still defending. Cramer postures up and pounds. The onslaught continues. Nader has no answer yet is doing enough to stop the ref from stepping in and survives the round.

Round 2:Nader scores the double leg and Cramer reverses and lands in Naders guard and starts the GnP. More of the same, Cramer looking to improve his position. Locked in half guard he GnP’s passes and mounts landing heavy as Nader recovers half guard and the GnP continues. Nader survives another round

Round 3:Fighters trading punches. OMG Nader KOs HIM with a huge combo…Crowd goes insane

Nader TKO Rd3

Lightweight Fight: Juan Barrantes (155.25 lbs.) vs. Renê Nazare (156 lbs.)

Round 1: Fighters tap and go to work. Standing in the pocket and trading Barrantes locks up and both work knees, step back and continue trading. Nazare with a slight advantage at this point thrn scores a huge blast double landing in Barrantes guard. Barrantes working from bottom and Narare working GnP. Lots of action. Barrantes with a slick triangle attempt but is brushed off as Nazare continues to push the pace.Barrantes attemps to sweep as the bell sounds. Rd1 Nazare

Round 2:Starts with Nazare landing heavy and Barrantes answering with the same. Blood from the bridge of Barrantes nose. Nazare with another TD into Barrantes guard. Nazare looking to pass and working from top using half guard as a half mount and punishing Barrantes with constant pressure. Barrantes sweeps, escapes and both end up standing Nazare with a 3-2-3 and a single leg TD back to half mount looking to strike as the round ends. Round 2 Nazare

Round 3:Barrantes eye is cut bad, doc looks and calls the bout.

Nazare via Doc Stoppage

Heavyweight Fight: Ricco Rodriguez (229.75 lbs.) vs. Seth Petruzelli (224 lbs.)

Round 1:Fighters tap and Petruzelli looks to push the stand up. Spinning back to the low section..ouch. Ricco is taking 5 to recover. Tap and continue on. Petruzelli lands and Ricco pulls guard Petruzelli pulls up and stands Seth lands a head kick followed by a side kick. Big exchanges, Petruzelli has the advantage. Ricco presses Petruzelli on the cage and looks to get the to the ground. Ricco shoots and pays with big strikes. Big spinning back kick to the face and another dropping Ricco and follows it up with multiple double hammer fists. Ricco is out cold.Ref dives in.

Petruzelli via KO Ref Stoppage 4:21 Rd1

Heavyweight Fight: Cole Konrad (264.5 lbs.) vs. Paul Buentello (255 lbs.)

Round 1:”Dont Blink”-Buentello. Fighters feeling each other out and exchanging jabs, Buentello showing some redness over his right eye. Both fighetrs starting to open up a little. Conrad landing some shots and leg kicks looking to get inside. Crowd chanting Sumo Sumo and booing to end the round.

Round 2: Round two starts with a lot of the same, light exchanges, neither one willing to commit. Buentello looks to land, lots of fancy foot work not much action. Buentello lands and then back to the dance. Conrad working some leg kicks and lands a clean 1-2 as the round ends with a big flurry from both men.
Round 3:

Featherweight Tournament Final: Pat Curran (145 lbs.) vs. Marlon Sandro (145 lbs.)

Round 1:Fighters come out looking to trade. Sandro lands a clean straight right and things start to heat up.Sandro looking to push the pace but Curran is elusive.Both men working some solid stand up back and forth.Spinning back kick from Sandro and Curran answer with a flying knee attempt.Sandro tries to steal an even round at the end with a TD but Curran sprawls out and stuffs it.

Round 2:Action picks up right where it left off. Sandro looking to be the aggressor and starts to open up, Curran has a cut under his left eye as Sandro starts to pick up the pace. Sandro lands a nice combo and Curran lands a head kick.A lot of back and forth. Curran throws a classic 1-2 to a head kick and KO’s Sandro.
Wow, incredible set up and finish

Curran Via KO Rd 2

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