Bas Rutten takes orders from a talking cat puppet who wants him to beat up Michael Lohan

“I’m gonna’ have to kick out your liver, anaconda style! Meow!”

Those are the epic words of Munchie, a talking cat puppet that is an agent to the stars in Hollywood, and this is his series of webisodes from I know nothing else about this bizarre production, nor how it got funded and why their money isn’t involved in my site (I’m not bitter), but I do know that Bas Rutten made a cameo appearance in the video you see above, with Munchie the cat trying to hire “El Guapo” to clean up some trash named Michael Lohan. Bas, who also has a limited edition action figure on the way, refuses to take the feline’s blood money and instead opts to demonstrate his classic self-defense regimen to him, hijinx ensue. Just watch the video, and accept the fact that you can never have those four minutes of your life back.

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