Arianny Celeste Drops New Single, Somehow Worse Than Last One

Celeste (right) with fellow ring girl Brittney Palmer

After the runaway success story that was Fight to Love Me, apparently UFC ring girl and professional model Arianny Celeste had to make another single. The track dropped today via digital distribution hub Beatport. The single, title Top of the World, is a joint project between Celeste on vocals and DJ duo Manufactured Superstars. Manufactured Superstars is an electro group known for working with a wide variety of vocalists to create different singles. Members Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo clearly pushed the limits of sound technology in a desperate attempt to save this track from the ring girl’s voice.

A sample of the shockingly long six minute song can be found here, with the whole track being available for purchase for $2.49. In just the sample, Manufactured Superstars use every trick in the book to autotune, mix and otherwise distract from their featured vocalist. Unfortunately, even if they used the voice of the ghost of Doreen Chanter* the lyrics could still be as follows:

You lift me up
you rescue me
You put me high
where I want to be.

This is Heaven
I’m your girl.
When I’m with you
I’m on top of the world.

So please continue to ironically enjoy the music career of Ariany Celeste.

*Note: British session vocalist Doreen Chanter is actually alive and well, being one of the few talented session musicians not disposed of Soylent Green style after retirement.

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