Anderson Silva Autobiography Includes Murder Plot

When UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva launched his autobiography last week in Rio de Janeiro, few expected the book to casually reveal that the 185 pound kingpin planned to assassinate Rafael Cordeiro with a shotgun. According to a translation of the story via Fighters Only, a young Silva had become incensed with his then trainer Cordeiro over a money dispute and awaited his mentor one night, weapon in hand.

The dispute started when a young Silva, strapped for cash and far away from his current level of fame, almost lost his one steady source of income when Cordeiro told him to stop teaching Jiu Jitsu classes. The resultant argument got heated and Cordeiro reportedly slapped Silva in public, leading to Silva’s decision to shoot his trainer.

The Spider credited two accomplices with talking him out of murdering Cordeiro.

Today, Cordeiro is counted among Silva’s close friends. Awkwardly enough, Silva says that he did not tell Cordeiro about the time he tried to execute him. Presumably, Cordeiro found out when the book went public. The former Chuteboxe head coach is yet to make any public statements on the matter.

The image of Silva as the light-hearted jokester of the UFC who doesn’t stoop to trash talk is somewhat conflicted with him admitting his intent to shoot a close friend over a financial dispute. The autobiography, which pulls no punches on the harsher times in Silva’s life, should provide a stark contrast for American fans between the truth and image of the middleweight champion.

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